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Aboidoodles - Dec '09 by dreor Aboidoodles - Dec '09 by dreor
Note: though I have not included a big ugly watermark on this image, I still ask that no one use my images without my permission. My permission is NOT given. Seriously. Just don't be a fucktard.

So! Here's a small sampling of sketches and scribbles from Aboideau this year. To see more or read snippets of fun story info, check out the Aboidoodles blog. Aboidoodles features not only a ton of Aboideau-related art by myself and my partner-in-crime Tam, but a lot of gorgeous pieces from MANY different artists who have done guest art for us!

Row 1: Angelcita
Row 2: Dreor, Ian, Ian
Row 3: Tobias, Dreor, Dreor
Row 4: Dreor's arm, Dreor's cat Doll
Row 5: Jessica
Row 6: Kip's heritage tats, Angie's pet sandfox Rambo
Row 7: Corvin, Corvin's torso, Angelcita
Row 8: Dreor's cat Guy

((In other news, I recently began using a secondary monitor to do digital art. Up until now I have worked primarily on a Dell laptop that I got in, I think, 2005. Working on this secondary monitor has alerted me to the fact that my laptop's color calibration -- but especially its contrast levels -- SUCK. On other monitors, my images look "soft" and pale and low contrast. Consequently, I've adjusted the color and contrast in the images above to a close approximation of how I originally WANTED them to look. Versions previously posted elsewhere may differ.))

See image for copyrights. Respect them, please.
zuluyo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010   Digital Artist
This is kind of an odd thing to say, but I LOVE how you handled the red haired girl, Angelcita's hair, for some reason drawing curly, fluffy hair, is difficult for me so I really admire anyone who can pull that off. ^^
dreor Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
Thank you, that's a very thoughtful comment.
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