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Moving to: :iconkerosenekate:

Hey guys. I've made the decision, after 8 years and a lot of hemming and hawing, to change my dA account. I didn't want to do it, wanted to keep this account for how hard I've worked on building my rep through it and a history of activity.

But, well, I finally bucked up and made the change. I'd complained for years about how I wished I hadn't chosen "dreor" as my username, but did not want to give up the account's years and years of activity and the following I'd worked to build. Unfortunately, sometimes it's just necessary to face the cons over the pros.

Switching accounts to kerosenekate will afford me a consistent online identity. I've been using Kerosene Kate as an online moniker for a few years now. I have a domain name registered as such, my art blog is under that name, and I use it as a username for most things these days.

There is also the benefit of having my actual name included in the username while also giving it a unique and distinguishable spin. As an artist in the real world, not just online, having a name as common as Kate means it's easy to get lost in the swarm of people that occupy my world, but using my real name is important when networking and speaking with potential employers. Kerosene Kate suits me for its alliteration, the slightly "old west" feel (nostalgic Texan here, y'all), and for the personal meaning kerosene carries for me.


I'll be moving many pieces to kerosenekate from the existing gallery at dreor, but some won't be coming along for the ride. I will be doing a piece a day for a couple weeks, I think. If you don't want to see those images resubmitted and appearing in your dA inbox, you can select to +watch kerosenekate but not to watch deviations or scrap submissions. I will make another journal entry from kerosenekate when I'm done migrating my gallery so you know to change your watch settings for kerosenekate to notify your message center of new deviations. Thanks for your patience about this...

I intend to submit to kerosenekate a lot more than I did to dreor, but much of it will be in "sketchdumps", compilations of sketches, half-finished images, warm-up drawings, or things that I just don't consider worth calling their own finished piece. However, I will also submit things on their own more as well as a means of encouraging myself not to be so finicky. I will also be submitting various configurations of my mixed media work, whether as photographs of my finished 3-dimensional pieces or as 2-dimensional imagery.

I may make more work available as prints too, after I do some research. If there are works I have done that you think you would like to see available as prints, please let me know at kerosenekate in journal comments! Also let me know what kind of price range you think you'd pay for such prints and if you would buy from a 3rd party website or prefer to purchase through deviantART. This will really help me decide if it's a worthwhile endeavor.

dreor will be kept alive only to redirect people to the new account. I may likely deactivate it in a year or so, after I've ensured that all links to it have been changed wherever possible and my followers have had ample time to follow me at kerosenekate.

Thank you for re-watching me, y'all. I really appreciate it!
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Submitted on
November 1, 2010